22 W.75 Mountain Pass Rd

Exterior Before

This strange thing looks like a cross between a trailer home and a small cottage. But she can be salvaged!

Floorplan Before

The first thing I thought of when I loaded this lot was retired elderly couple. I could see one of them spending their days fishing while the other took up a hobby like sewing or painting. The only thing I really liked about the lot before was the pond – it’d be nice to have a fresh food source to cut down on the cost of living. Since it was furnished with the Country Collection, I decided to stick to this theme.

Exterior After

I decided to stick with the house’s original foundation because the porch seemed a little too big. I hated the exterior because I usually associate that particular stone set with the Tudor homes from Veronaville. I took a risk in using a lighter color palette, but looking at it I’m not sure if I made the right choice. I was aiming for a neutral color but this sort of feels bland. I didn’t change the landscaping because as it looks decent enough. Hopefully, whoever rents or buys this house has a green thumb.

Floorplan After

This floor plan is more traditional. The extra space from the porch allowed for a bigger kitchen, dining room, and living room. I thought about going for the open floor plan, but the home feels cozy.

Living Room

At this point I was already over the starter home mark so I went ahead and lightly furnished the home with the essentials and a few extras. My favorite part was the entertainment center.


This spacious kitchen has more than enough room for sims to move around as they cook.

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom


In the end, I added two mortgage shrubs to bring the price back down to less than $15,000.

So what do you think, Flip or Flop?


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