I am… RockStarDrunk.


LTW – Professional Author

+ (Beard, Fit) – (Stink)

Family, Pleasure

I purchased my first sims game back in Fall 2006 – Sims 2 Double Deluxe. It was the best game I’d ever played and, to this day, it still is. Primarily, I love to build and remodel little pixel boxes for my little pixel people, but there are weeks days when I dedicate more time to their actual lives, wishes, dreams, and epic fails.

Because, holy hell, do they fail.

Recently, I’ve been reading legacy stories and challenges. Since I myself love to write, I figured I’d give it a chance – play out their lives, take pictures, and tell their stories to others. I have Sims 2 -4, but I mostly play TS2 because it’s just so much…better. I love the sharp graphics of 2, the gameplay of 3, and …I’m still looking for something to love from 4, maybe the writer career? *winces*

I live in Texas with my husband and our two little girls. I’d like to finish one of my romance stories and get it published soon.


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