22 W.75 Mountain Pass Rd

Exterior Before

This strange thing looks like a cross between a trailer home and a small cottage. But she can be salvaged!

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Riverblossom Hills

You know, considering my luck, it’s only natural that I’d roll this neighborhood first. Let’s be clear – I would not have chosen this as my icebreaker. *steps out of the room to have a royal bitch fit* Okay. Intro.


“Many Sims have relocated to the quiet, comfortable countryside, in the hopes that life and family can firmly plant their roots in the middle of nowhere. Fresh crops aren’t the only thing growing in the farming community of Riverblossom Hills – love is in the air and many a relationship is on the verge of blossoming. Unfortunately, problems are bound to sprout in a town this small. Things are looking up, but hearts can always turn cold with the onset of winter.”

Riverblossom Hills is the pre-made neighborhood that was added to the game with the addition of The Sims 2: Seasons. Many of the lots are concerned with concepts and additions from The Sims 2: Seasons. For example, many of the more expensive lots have greenhouses. Riverblossom Hills is in one of the more rural areas of SimNation. When the neighborhood is first played, every inhabited house except for the Greenman family is in the midst of winter under heavy snow. Also, seasonal progression in Riverblossom Hills is set to Winter, Spring, Autumn/Fall, Winter.

Sims Wikia

Right, so we have a small rural community of farmers and fisherman who supply the surrounding cities with fresh food. I do have simsplice’s farm animals in my game so I will be make real farms of different sorts.

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Maxis Makeovers Master Post

One of my goals for the year is to completely makeover my Uberhoods for Sims 2. I will be completing the original Maxis neighborhoods first. For a little twist on the norm for sharing pics of remodels and renovations, I’ll present a story with each lot as if it were an episode of a show from HGTV. For self challenges, the show will be Flip or Flop. For binned families (yeah, I’m placing them all in a home somewhere) it’ll be Property Virgins. For families already placed, I’ll randomly choose from this lineup: Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Buying & Selling, Income Property, and Holmes on Homes. I know the last show is actually on DIY now but I feel Sims need him because some of their homes actually look good but Maxis fudged up their floor plans or some random area of the lot.

The neighborhoods and TV shows are chosen randomly using an app on my tablet, while the lots will be chosen at whim.

Neighborhoods from Maxis Uberhood

Belladonna Cove

Desiderata Valley

Riverblossom Hills




Bluewater Village


La Fiesta Tech

Sim State University

Académie Le Tour

Three Lakes

Takemizu Village

Twikkii Island